Not a crafty mom but could I be a crafty bride?

23 Jan

So I have mentioned to you guys that I am getting married you can read about my blog Pennies and Cents if you like.  One of the biggest things about the blog is that I am on a budget, aside from a budget I think every bride wants to be crafty.  So you are probably wondering then if this is wedding talk why am I posting this here and not on Pennies and Cents?  Well, as the title of this blog says “Not your crafty mom” I think it fits because this wedding has sparked me to be crafty….

See the problem with crafts isn’t that I don’t like crafts its my execution of the craft that I don’t do so well with.  I have grand ideas and then when I make whatever it is the final result is something my one yr old could do a better job at!  Not to mention everything looks easier on Pinterest!  With that said I still want to maybe do a couple of crafty things!

The first being my bouquet.  originally I was going to pay someone to make a duck tape bouquet.  I thought it would be neat and unique.  But I didn’t think about the weight and that this bouquet could potentially become a weapon lol.  I also realized I wanted something “soft”.  So I went on a search for something else.  Then I came across DIY Fabric Bouquets like this and this and of course I found a video on how to do :)

I am so nervous about this venture!  I figured I would practice on old shirts so I don’t waste money and if I can pull it off maybe I will just make my own…. So will my lack of craftiness cause a total disaster? OR will my project for once turn out good?  Only time will tell so stay tuned!

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